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Elevate your flight performance with ProtoFPV's lightweight titanium screws for FPV drones and RC hobbies! They're almost half the weight of steel, ultra-light, exceptionally strong, and sport a striking natural titanium finish. Best used throughout the frame, especially the props and motors!!

Lightweight Titanium M2 Screws

  • Natural Titanium Finish

    ISO7380 Titanium Screws

    M2 - 1.5mm Driver

  • *Please note fitment is for reference only. Please measure your frame before purchasing.



    -May work with certain CF or TPU camera cages to secure camera


    -Motor mounting with a 3mm thick base plate

    -Great for screwing through thin 1 ~ 1.5mm plates into stand offs


    -Motor mounting with a 4mm thick base plate,

    -Great for screwing through 2mm plates into stand offs


    -Motor mounting with a 5mm thick base plate

    -Fits most T-mounted props 2" ~ 4" quads

    -Best for screwing through plates into stand offs


    -Great to secure AIO with a base plate of 2 ~ 4mm of thickness

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