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Need spares for your P5? You've come to the right place!


P5 Plates T700 Plain Weave Matte Carbon Fiber

x1 Top Plate

x1 Base Plate


TPU kit or Action camera mount

Please add your colour choice in the notes section or email us after checkout. If you don't specify, we will send you the listing image colour.


TPU Colour Choices:




Sky blue

GP orange




Nardo Grey


Jan/2024 P5 TPU kit update: Nano RX TPU holder and Universal M10 GPS holder included! (not shown in photos)


Cinematic Racer Hardware Kit

x4 M3x22 aluminum stand offs

x4 M2x4 screws (camera)

x4 M2 washer (camera)

x6 M2x5 screws (accessory into top plate press nut or O3 AU holder)

x6 M2x6 screws (accessory into base plate press nut or O3 AU holder)

x4 M2x22 screws (stack or vtx)

x12 M3x9 Titanium screws (motors)

x8 M3x10 Titanium screws (frame)

x4 M3x21 Titanium screws (stack)

x1 M5x20 Titanium screw (action cam bolt)

x1 M5 aluminum nut (action cam nut)

x4 M2x5 nylon spacers

x8 M2x2 nylon nut (press into O3 AU holder slots, lower action cam mount spacer, or to secure AIO or VTX)

x4 M3 thin nut (Secure M3x21 stack screws to base plate)

x2 WS2812 LED (light bars)

x5 Zip tie

x2 30awg wire set (LED to FC)

PROTO5 Spares


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