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Introducing PROTO5, a harmonious blend of T700 carbon fiber trellises and burnt blue titanium accents. Envisioned as a high-speed cinematic 5" quad, it channels the adrenaline of F1 racing complemented by the allure of exotic Italian race car styling. This ultralight and stylish package ensures no props in view. The P5 is engineered for tearing through cinematic challenges in high-speed fashion, offering four solid action cam mounting zones to capture any angle your heart desires. Treat yourself to build the sexiest, lightest, most versatile 5" FPV quadcopter! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.




1) Squashed X geometry with no props in view

2) Exotic 1 piece Toray T700 plain weave matte carbon fiber base plate

3) Strong and stiff construction

4) 25 pieces of Burnt blue titanium screws for maximum weight reduction & performance

5) 4 convenient mounting zones for action cameras - click here to see it!

6) Lighter than your typical 5" by more than 30~50 grams!

7) x2 WS2812 programmable LED lights included

8) O3 AU quick swap. Easily move or reinstall the O3 AU quickly

9) Designed to be universal - Analog, HD Zero, Walksnail, etc.

10) Battery can be top mounted or under mounted

11) Flexibility - 3 zones to mount your electronics


Jan/2024 update: Now included in the Cinematic Racer kit!! Nano RX TPU holder, Universal M10 GPS TPU holder, and washers for the camera screws! (not shown in photos)


Proudly designed, 3D printed, and shipped from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 🍁

PROTO5 Cinematic Racer

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  • Top plate: 2mm

    Base plate: 5mm

    Electronics Mounting:

    Base Plate Front: M3 20x20, M2 25.5x25.5, M3 30x30

    Base Plate Rear: M2 20x20 M2 25.5x25.5

    Top Plate Rear: M2 20x20

    Maximum Stack Size: 40x40

    Motor Mount: 16x16

    Max prop size: 5.1"

    Action Camera / Accessories Mounting:

    Top Plate (front/back)

    Rear Plate (front/back use supplied m2 nylon nut as a spacer)

    Battery Strap Mounting: Top mount & Undermount

    Recommended Camera Mounting Size: 19mm ~ 20mm (Variable)

    Stand off height: 22mm

    Stand off width: 28mm

    Wheelbase: 171x132mm

    Antenna mounting size: 3~4mm Post

    Frame weight: 94.66g (no TPU)

    Build weight potential: 300g ~ 355g (no lipo)

    Top Speed: 170kph+