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First off, thank you for taking an interest in ProtoFPV. I've been getting lots of sponsorship requests and I'm sorry I am not able to reply all of you. So I thought I might write something here so you can decide if you fit the criteria:


I started this company on my own. All of these high end frames and hardware are designed and funded entirely by myself! I built my own small youtube and instagram following from the ground up and I always paid full price for my FPV products. I never once asked any company for anything. I reviewed and made videos with FPV products or used them simply because I am PASSIONATE and BELIEVED in them. Eventually, companies recognized my work and sent me random stuff to help them test and review, which I still do on the side. That being said, I expect the same from you.

In order to be sponsored by ProtoFPV:

1) You need to first invest in a ProtoFPV frame. That shows me you are serious.

2) You are free to sign up for the affiliate program where you can refer other pilots and earn an industry highest commission of 8% per unit sold. This data is also recorded and reviewed, showing your passion in spreading the word and growing ProtoFPV.

3) Whether on Youtube or Instagram etc., every professional high quality video, exceptional piloting skills demo, rigorous tester + feedback, professional build video maker, and/or review you put out there, tag ProtoFPV. I will personally see it!! Only then I can understand how valuable you truly have become!

Once you have met the criteria above, I realize I cannot afford to lose you as a partner, especially when you accidentally break or lose your drones. This is when I sponsor your passion and hobby with ProtoFPV.


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