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P5G. A F*****g maniac wearing knights armor, but don't let the looks fool you. She dances with finesse and Brute Elegance.


Like a machinist's wet dream, the raw, blinged out 7075 aluminum base plate holds gorilla-like 6mm arms in place. Then reinforced with thick Twill weave T700 carbon fiber plates, and thicker than normal stand offs. Even with all that extra thickness, P5G is still lighter than most popular 5" tanks. It is milled completely out even in non-visible areas. It's compact form factor minimizes impact to critical components while bringing everything closer to COG. Majority of the hardware is lightweight titanium bits striking a burnt blue finish, unlocking every gram of performance available.

Make it your own with a plethora of minimalist TPU prints. Find Your Inspiration Here. With industry first, 3D printed motor wire laces. Tighten them up like any dancer would just before your performance, because this is the Proto5 Gauntlet. Time to throw it down and punch new holes at the bando.





1) Squashed X geometry, some props in view

2) Toray T700 twill weave matte carbon fiber plates

3) Thick and Thicker. 3mm top plate + camera cage, 6mm super wide arms

4) 6mm 7075-T6 machined out rigid aluminum base plate protects bottom and prevents wiggle

5) Arms can slide out easily by removing two screws

6) Extremely stiff, rigid construction

7) Burnt blue titanium screws included for maximum weight reduction & performance

8) Very stable footage, great for cinematic footage with Gopro or O3 AU

9) Same weight or less as your typical popular 5" tank but with thicker plates!

10) x1 WS2812 programmable LED light and TPU holder included

11) O3 AU quick swap holder included. Easily move or reinstall the VTX easily between ProtoFPV frames

12) Designed to be universal - Analog, HD Zero, Walksnail, etc.

13) Battery can be mounted normally or in two toilet tank positions - centered (no gopro), and back (w/gopro)

14) 19 pieces of supporting prints included. All you have to do is choose your colour!

15) Shark Loop not only helps with turtle mode, but protects your battery upside down

16) Motor wire laces hold down the entire length of your motor wires tight and is hard to break

17) Really clean black box log. Tune it up and have fun!



Proudly designed, 3D printed, and shipped from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 🍁

PROTO5 Gauntlet

Choose Base Color
Choose Motor Wire Lace Color