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Protostrap was born out of sheer boredom while my kids were at a four-hour-a-day spring break swim camp. Picture me just sitting there with my sketchbook, trying to think of ways to avoid making more stuff in China LOL Takes some getting use to, but it works. It's still super lightweight too! Use two straps if necessary and make sure you back it up with Tessgrip!

Proudly printed in Vancouver, Canada 🍁


Colour Options
  • Protostrap S

    Width: 11.5mm

    Length: 138mm

    Weight: 1.59g

    Will Fit:

    Minimum Size Lipo: 15mm W x 17mm H

    Maximum Size Lipo: 27mm W x 27mm H

    Protostrap MS

    Width: 12mm

    Length: 180mm

    Weight: 2.28g

    Will Fit:

    Minimum Size Lipo: 30mm W x 12mm H

    Maximum Size Lipo: 35mm W x 37mm H

    Material: TPU 95A

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